Monday, 11 March 2013

How to wash my Hair Extensions

Please find some information below on the best way to wash your clip in hair extensions.

Washing Your Extensions

Our full head hair extensions and many other brands can be washed in a similar way you would your own hair. This is because many brands use 100% Remy Human Hair, and at Hair Extensions Norfolk our own brand uses just that. Because of this the extensions will react to washing the same way your own hair does.

In order to wash your extensions you will need the following things:
  • Access to water
  • A moisturising shampoo & conditioner 
  • Big towel
  • Comb/Brush
  • Leave In Conditioner (Optional)
  • Hair Dryer (Optional)
  • So here is a step by step guide on the best way to wash and dry your new extensions.


  1. Fill your sink enough so the extensions can be fully submerged.
  2. Now put a blob of the shampoo into the luke warm water & lather it up.
  3. Now fully submerge your extensions.
  4. Squeeze the extensions gently to get them wet and soapy.
  5. Now lift the extension out (by the clips) and put a little shampoo onto the extensions.
  6. Now use a smooth downward motion (start at the clips) and gentle scrunch the extensions to lather up the hair. Try to keep going in the same direction, this helps them not to tangle.
  7. Now submerge the extensions back into the sink and leave for a few minutes.
  8. Empty the sink of water.
  9. Now keep the tap running and take individual wefts and the run them under the tap to clean out the shampoo. After each one put them to the side of the sink.


  1. Put a blob of conditioner into your hand. Take 2/3 wefts and run the conditioner down the hair. Repeat for all the wefts.
  2. Now leave in the sink for 4-5 minutes.
  3. Now rinse the wefts in the same way as you did before.
  4. Once all the hair has been rinsed. Take your full set and run it quickly under cold water. (This helps to restore the shine in the hair and coats the cuticles)
  5. Squeeze the excess water out.
  6. After this stage you can use a protective leave in conditioner on the hair if you like.


  1. Separate your wefts and lie them flat on a towel. They must be separate.
  2. Now spray them with a heat protecting spray.
  3. Holding the extensions at the clip very gentle comb the hair with either a brush or comb.
  4. If you washed the hair gently there should be no tangles.
  5. If you have time, it is better for the extensions (and your own hair) to be left to air dry.
  6. However, if you are short of time, just can blow dry the extensions.
Your hair extensions should last you a few months, with careful maintenance. Remember you don't need to wash your extensions everytime you use them. Unless you have used a lot of product on them.

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