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How to put in clip in hair extensions

I often get asked how do you put in clip in hair extensions.  People often think that it's harder to do than it is.

The Rapunzel Secret brand of hair extensions come in either 8 or 10 wefts. I personally use the 120g 20" clip in extensions and there are 2 x 4 clip weft; 2 x 3 clip wefts; 2x 2 clip wefts and 2 x 1 clip weft.

This blog post to hopefully going to help you ladies out there who aren't sure how to clip in you hair extensions.

For those of you with fine hair, freshly washed hair or those who are nervous about their extensions falling out (which they won't if your extensions have good clips).  It can be an idea to back comb your hair at the roots where you will clip the extensions into; this can be done with a teasing comb.  I know some girls like to add a little hairspray to the roots too.  The reason for the backcombing is that it gives the clips a slightly firmer surface to grip onto.

Please remember that backcombing your hair is tough on the hair and does cause damage.

My Hair Type

I have thick hair that comes to the top of my shoulder blades.  When i talk about thick hair not only do i have a lot of hair, making it thick but also my hair strands are thick, as appose to being fine. I also have layers in my hair that finish around my ear lob. My hair is shaped around my face with a sweeping side fringe. 

This is the colour of hair extensions i use 2# 120g Clip In Extensions


When i want to wear my hair extensions i start by straightening my hair, this is ideal to do as it will help with the blending of the extensions to your natural hair.  A trick i learnt is when straightening your hair curl the ends under when you reach the end of your hair. Don't straighten the ends of you hair down.

Once all my hair is straightened i start on applying the extensions.

Apply the Hair Extensions

I have thicker hair, so i don't use any hairspray or backcombing at the roots. Here is my step by step guide to applying my hair extensions. 

The first 5 steps are a general rule of thumb.  Obviously if you have longer layers or hair you will be able to space your wefts slightly further apart.  However, because of the length of my layers, i can't have my wefts too high otherwise you may see the clips.
  1. A take a small section of hair at the nap of my neck about an inch thick. Approximately inline with my middle of my ear. I then tie the rest of my hair up and clip in one the the 3 clip wefts.
  2. Then untie your hair and let it fall on top of the hair extension.
  3. Now take another section, this time approximately inline with where my hair meets my head. Tie the rest of your hair up. Add another of the 3 clip wefts.
  4. Now section your hair again. Making the section approximately inline with top of you ear.Tie the rest of your hair up and add one of the 4 clip wefts.
  5. For the final 4 clip weft i section my hair again. Make this a very thin section. Your 2nd 4 clip weft will sit almost on top the first 4 clip weft. Now let all your hair down and brush carefully. making sure not to tug on the extensions clips.
You will now be left with 2 x 2 clip wefts and 2 x 1 clip wefts. Once your hair is down you will now see that you have lovely long thick hair at the back but your a bit bare at the side. Where you apply your last 4 wefts depends on the length and layers in your hair.

What to do with the remaining 4 clips?

The 1 clip wefts and the 2 clip wefts are ideal for blending the front of your natural hair into your extensions.
  1. I like to put each of the 2 clip wefts on either side of the head above my ear.
  2. I then let my hair fall down and brush it through. At this point i look at where i need some extra hair. I usually apply the 1 clip wefts almost at the at my hair line at the front of my head about an inch above my ear.  This helps blend my front layers in.

After Application

Now that all the extensions are in, i will go over them again with the straighteners to make sure that my natural hair is blending in with them and that i don't have any short layers flicking out.

If i am wearing them curly this is the time i would curl my extensions.  Some people like the curl their extensions before they put them into their hair.  However, because of my layers and the length of my hair, i find it better to curl them when they are in my hair.  That way it is easier to curl my layers into the extensions.

Also if i am curling my extensions i am fairly heavy on the hairspray, ideally a flexible hairspray so that the curls don't look solid.  The reason i do this, is because if my extensions are recently washed the hair is quite soft and the curl doesn't hold as long otherwise.

What to do next?

Now that you have read my blog post on how to put in clip in hair extensions. Why not pop along to the website and treat yourself to some brand new Rapunzel Secret 100g, 120g or 160g clip in hair extensions.

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