Monday, 11 March 2013

Compare Clip In Hair Extensions

I am always a firm believer that you should get what you pay for and this is no different when it comes to hair extensions. Hair extensions aren't cheap and for many of you ladies out there, they are part of your daily routine.

So when i started to sell my own extensions, i was determined they would be of a quality that i would be happy wearing myself, as they are.  I have spent a long time looking a girls who had paid out good money for extensions only for them to look thin and lifeless. Some girls will pay well over £100 for about 100g of hair or less. Which is a lot of money for 100g clip in extensions.  Especially being a most girls need around 120g or 160g.

So that is what i have tried to do.  I now stock 3 weights of full head clip in hair extensions.  This means that each pack is a full set covering all your head.  the lowest extensions we stock are 100g, then we have 120g and lastly 160g.  All of our full sets are the pure hair weight, so these weights don't include the weight of the clips.  Although the clips are already sewn onto the wefts.

I have noticed some brands now selling 215g extensions sets, which is great, but remember the strain that will put on your natural hair. Clip in hair extensions as with any hair extensions can cause damage to your hair, so please bear this in mind.

Below i have attached a video of our brand of Rapunzel Secret 100g hair extension in 18" and next to it is a leading popular brand also in 18".  Both sets of extensions are full sets.  The reason i made this video is to highlight the difference between our extensions (even our thinnest set of extensions) and that of a leading popular brand. I will also highlight, the Rapunzel Secret extensions are of made from human remy hair. Whereas the leading brand is just human hair (as far as my research will tell me). Both sets of extensions are also a similar price. With our 100g clip in hair extensions being £40. I have seen this brand of extensions in this length range anywhere from £40 right up £110.

To order any of our extensions please click on the image below.

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